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Houston Plant Explosion Lawyer


Plant explosions are devastating events.  They often occur because companies are more concerned with profits than the safety of their workers, contractors and communities in which they are located.  The only way to communicate with a company that is only concerned with money is to make it expensive to be unsafe.  The dual mission of the Merman Law Firm when representing those injured by plant explosions is to compensate the victims and to make the offending company pay an amount of money that will make them realize it is not profitable to be unsafe.  Only when safety affects the company’s bottom line will it be a genuine concern.

Plant safety is made more important by the types of substances at the plant.  Because petrochemical plants deal with high volumes of highly flammable materials, a small mistake can lead to a huge catastrophe.  As was tragically illustrated at the BP plant in Texas City, Texas, carelessness at refineries and chemical plants is disastrous and results in death, serious burns and permanent disability.

Plant explosions do not just affect the workers injured at the plant, although those are the most obvious victims.  Those that witness the deaths of their coworkers are typically traumatized for life.  The chemicals released into the air as plastics, petroleum products, byproducts and catalysts are burned are harmful, and sometimes deadly, to those living near the plant.  Moreover, in large explosions, serious property damage can occur miles from the plant.

Derek Merman has experience representing the victims of plant explosions and chemical releases.  He approaches these cases just as he approaches every case – with compassion, passion and unparalleled skill.  Call the Merman Law Firm if you or a loved one has been the victim of unsafe plant practices.